2 Simple Rules For Goal Setting

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In this webinar, Cultivate CEO and Co-Founder Casey Clark outlined a clear process to map out your 2020 goals. According to Casey, most business owners can identify 1-2 “big rock” goals for the year. However, the most productive entrepreneurs have developed a system to track their progress with macro and micro goals throughout the year. This will ensure you’re on track to hit your big goals.

Casey Clark shares his process for building yearly goals. Hear him discuss his two ground rules for identifying goals and finding processes to actually stick to them:

  1. Before you set your macro goal, have your long-term vision in place.
  2. Gain buy-in with your team by allowing them to help build out your goals.

Cultivate Clients can access the full video in the Learning Center.


Developing a plan for your business is a necessary way to break your goals into digestible, achievable actions to keep your business on track. Use these 2 rules when building out your plans and see how much simpler your big audacious goals feel. 

If you’re not sure where to start, you don’t have to go at it alone. Schedule a free two-hour session to dig into your business to uncover bottlenecks and develop a roadmap based on where you are in your business and where you would like to be. With this roadmap, you’ll have a tangible plan you can implement to reach your long-term goals.  

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