Best Practices

3 Tactics to Increase Conversion in Your Sales Funnel

Your sales process is very similar to your business; it's constantly changing as you grow. Learn how making minor adjustments in your sales process can help you increase your closing rate and improve your overall sales conversion.

Whether you run the sales for your business, or you lead a sales team, the success of your business is highly dependent on the success of your sales process.

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Catapult Keynote Speakers

Set Your Business Apart Through Innovation, Culture, & Purpose

These are the pillars of success for Spring 2021 Catapult’s Keynote Sessions. Get a sneak peek of the biggest takeaways you’ll gain from each of these sessions.

As a leader, the success of your team relies on your continued development. But, as an owner, you have a finite amount of time to dedicate to your professional development. At Cultivate Advisors, we want owners to have the support needed to develop their skills as a leader, gain inspiration and hit their biggest goals.

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entrepreneurial team holding business goal meeting

How to Tie Your Annual Goals to Results

As Q1 winds down, now is an excellent time to check in on your business goals and work with your team to hold tension and accountability to those goals.

Every year owners set out with a vision and business plan. But as time passes, it can become easier to drift off course and away from that original plan. You've probably outlined big goals for this year, but as the first quarter wraps up, you might find yourself scrambling to see how your results align with the targets you set out.

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open sign on the door of a small business

American Rescue Plan for Small Businesses


Statement from SBA Senior Advisor Michael Roth

Upon President Biden signing the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 into law, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Senior Advisor Michael Roth stated: 

“The American Rescue Plan Act enables the SBA to continue to lift up the cornerstones of our communities; the mom-and-pop businesses and nonprofits that provide essential services for our everyday lives, hire from within neighborhoods, and more. Our nation’s more than 30 million small businesses are the economic engine of this country and, in alignment with the Biden-Harris Administration’s focus on equitable treatment, the SBA will work tirelessly to ensure eligible borrowers will get access to this critical economic relief.”

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