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Setting Measurable Business Goals to Achieve Success

What do you need to accomplish this year to achieve your goals?

The easiest way to concentrate your efforts and stay on track is to set SMART business goals. SMART goals, in essence, are clearly defined attainable goals that are time-based and measurable.

Identifying your goals and breaking them down will help you gain clarity and focus on your work. It makes it easier to say “no” to things that can set you off course. Think about it; this will help you focus while simplifying your work.

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5 Simple Steps to Creating Buy-In with Your Team

In a growing business, change is inevitable. Unfortunately, as the business grows and your employees become accustomed to the systems and processes that dictate their day-to-day, they get comfortable, which makes it more challenging when it comes time for an organizational shift.

As business leaders, one of the biggest challenges we face is establishing and maintaining buy-in from our teams. Without that motivation, change may be met with resistance and may never take hold.

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2 Simple Rules For 2020 Goal Setting

Last month, Cultivate CEO and Co-Founder, Casey Clark, outlined a clear process to map out your 2020 goals. According to Casey, most business owners can identify 1-2 “big rock” goals for 2020. However, the most productive entrepreneurs have developed a system to track their progress with macro and micro goals throughout the year. This will ensure you’re on track to hit your big goals.

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3 Steps for Creating a Clear Company Vision

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Establishing a vision for your business is key to creating a stable foundation. A clear vision acts as a guiding force behind all aspects of your business. It puts into words the impact you wish to make, and articulates what you wish to change. It gives you and your team a reason to jump out of bed in the morning, a direction to follow, and ultimately helps to position your company on the path to sustainability and profitability. 

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