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Small team of employees working together

5 Simple Steps to Creating Buy-In with Your Team

In a growing business, change is inevitable. Unfortunately, as the business grows and your employees become accustomed to the systems and processes that dictate their day-to-day, they get comfortable, which makes it more challenging when it comes time for an organizational shift.

As business leaders, one of the biggest challenges we face is establishing and maintaining buy-in from our teams. Without that motivation, change may be met with resistance and may never take hold.

Change is never easy, and when you’re trying to steer an entire organization in a new direction, it can feel like you’re trying to paddle a ship with a spoon. It’s natural to feel uncomfortable by change, and it’s no different at the organizational level. 

The more buy-in you get from more of your employees, the more productive they will be in executing your goals and initiatives. Buy-in saves time with dealing with employees not bought into what you are working towards; this can get annoying for any leader in a business to get frustrated with employees not executing.

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small team works together effectively during a meeting

Hold More Effective Meetings With Your Team

Have you ever felt your day waste away in meetings?

We've all been stuck in bad meetings. You know the kind, the ones that start late and drone on (and on) with no clear agenda or resolution.

These meetings not only zap energy, but they cost you time and money. Without a clear purpose and outcome, meetings can be seen as a waste of time, especially when you're feeling stretched thin already.

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entrepreneur in a meeting points to an employee

2 Ways to Lead Your Team More Effectively

Your company's success is directly correlated to the success of your employees, and employees who work under great leaders tend to be happier, more productive, and more successful overall.

Many qualities separate great leaders from the rest. One such quality is the ability to identify how to best support your team.

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