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documenting an Operating System

Building a Scalable Operating System for your Business

Take the systems and processes out of your head, remove yourself from the business, and build a system that can scale.  


The key to creating a scalable business is a strong operating system.

If you've ever wondered why your team is seemingly unable to produce consistent results, often it's not for lack of trying but rather a lack of structure. Startups don't come with a playbook. It takes time to develop your business and define systems and processes that work. But whether you have a team of 10 or 100, starting to document your procedures and define how your company operates will help you build a more effective, sustainable business.

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entrepreneurial team holding business goal meeting

How to Tie Your Annual Goals to Results

As Q1 winds down, now is an excellent time to check in on your business goals and work with your team to hold tension and accountability to those goals.

Every year owners set out with a vision and business plan. But as time passes, it can become easier to drift off course and away from that original plan. You've probably outlined big goals for this year, but as the first quarter wraps up, you might find yourself scrambling to see how your results align with the targets you set out.

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Female entrepreneur on laptop

10 Things that Led to Massive Growth in my Business

Cultivate Advisor Maura Vella shares important lessons she's learned throughout her entrepreneurial journey.

Having owned and run small businesses since 2006, I've endured a perfect storm of massive deflation+competition+scandal (+a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic). I've also enjoyed an against-the-odds, gritty comeback, which led to a 1000% profit increase over one year in my 7-figure business. This experience empowers me to say that your business can flourish, just like mine, when you embrace these ten things that I learned over that year:

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open office space

What to Expect When Looking for Office Space

Chicago’s Top Commercial Real Estate Broker, William Himmelstein, shares insights on what to expect when looking for office space in 2021 and offers tips on navigating the commercial real estate landscape.

While many businesses continue to extend their work-from-home policies as the pandemic wears on, many owners report plans to return to the office. Some business owners are looking to downsize their in-person workforce only to include partners and upper management, whereas others are looking to relocate their entire workforce, hopeful of finding new space at a reduced price point given the recent market fluctuations. Regardless of why, many business owners are interested to know what exactly is involved in searching for new space. Herein we review the most important steps involved in an office relocation, along with a few additional tips and tricks we think will help. 

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female entrepreneur showing off rental properties

Commercial Real Estate in the Covid Era

Chicago’s Top Commercial Real Estate Broker, William Himmelstein, shares insights on how COVID-19 has impacted Commercial Real Estate, how to approach the current market, and how to plan for a safe return to the office.

Commercial real estate (CRE) is typically a company’s second largest expense to payroll or 3rd largest for manufacturers. Yet, never before in recent history has space been on the mind of almost every single business owner and CEO. As the CEO of Tenant Advisory Group with twenty+ years of experience as a commercial real estate broker, I have seen corporate leaders make many mistakes since March that have cost their companies significant dollars and negotiating leverage. In this article, I discuss the current and future CRE market and how to best position your company to buy low, sell high, and ensure you are getting the most out of your space while spending the least. I will also share insights into what other commercial space users are doing and planning for, the do’s and don’ts of approaching your landlord to garner free rent or a lease restructure, and how to safely return to the workspace. 

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